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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gas Humor

Well, there has been a lot of gas price humor going around but this one is my favorite.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Eye Terrorist

So I just had my eye doctor ask me, ‘Do you want me to call EMS?’ The worst part was that she was entirely serious. I don’t have a good track record with anything near my eyes. I did get through the lens selection and the looking into my eyeball part fairly well. I was a bit nervous because I knew what was going to be happening next. The eye drops did come next. I don’t do well with clear eye drops so putting yellow liquid into my eyes is just not a good idea. After fighting with the doctor to get them in, we took a bit of a break while the dye took effect. During this break, she started telling me about how she was seeing some yellow spots in the back of my eyeball and she wanted me to see a specialist to see if there was any macular etiology happening. Basically between the eyedrops, discussion of my eyeballs, and the anticipation of pressure testing of my eyes, I turned completely pale, got cold and clammy and woozy. This was about when the doctor asked me if I wanted her to call EMS. I said no but needed to get out of the throne of eye weapons so we stopped the remainder of the exam. I then moved out to the waiting room where they made me raise my feet and gave me water while I tried to return to normal. It didn’t help much that they were trying to set up an appointment with a specialist while I was recovering. So now I am off to see the specialist on Monday with the warning that it would be worse than the normal exam. I don’t even know what that means.

Some notable eye experiences in my past:

  • I have never been able to open my eyes underwater.
  • I am infamous for blinking in photos
  • I don’t even like wearing glasses or sunglasses because those lenses are too close to my eyes.
  • One time when I was about 16 I had my eyes burnt by the sun (see the third bullet) and I had to have two people hold me down and one to put the eye drops in my eyes.
  • At about age 19, I had a scratch or something in my eye and I went to the doctor to check it out. He put the infamous dye in my eye and then I went to the bathroom to throw up before he continued the exam.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Childhood For Sale

Childhood For Sale
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Well, the house that I grew up in is FOR SALE. It seems weird to me but I think that it should seem weirder. I guess I haven't lived there for 6 years or so. My room was taken over and repainted and many things have changed.

I think it will be interesting to see who moves in if this sells. My parents are building a condo in Fenton. I went through the other condos the other day. Many were being built and it was fun to go through the unfinished skeletons of the other new condos. It reminded me of my childhood.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

My First Meme

This is the first time that I’ve been tagged for a meme. I’m a good week late.

What I was doing ten years ago

Summer of 1995…This would have been the summer that I spent as a beach bum/waiter in Myrtle Beach. I probably would have been pretty close to leaving and heading back to school which was a fiasco. There were four of us and 2 left early. Me and my friend that were left were to pack up everything and leave. His dad ended up having a heart attack and he flew out about a week early. I had to sell all the furniture that we had and pack everything that was left in my little Corsica and drive back alone.

What I was doing five years ago

Summer of 2000…Oh god, I was working and there is nothing memorable.

What I was doing one year ago

Summer of 2004…I was trying to arrange to go part time in order for me to attend school at work and preparing for a trip to Brazil which will happen in about a week.


Worked all day and started cleaning out my office in order to have a room for the person renting from me. Then I went to the bar to celebrate Chrispy’s new job. Woo-hoo.

5 snacks I enjoy

* cheese
* chocolate
* olives
* chips and good French onion dip
* Anything that doesn’t have fake sugar or fake fat

5 songs I know all the words to

I am not very good at this so these may be dated and I will not be able to do them anymore. I just don’t listen to music like I used to.

* “Paul Revere” by The Beastie Boys
* “The Four Horsemen” by Metallica
* “Jump” by Van Halen
* “Unforgiven” and many others by Metallica
* “Paradise City” by GnR

Stop laughing. No really!

5 things I would do with $100 million

I’m feeling rather environmentally friendly today so…

* I would buy a fleet of Toyota Priuses (Prii) for friends and family.
* I buy several houses in one area and redo them with environmentally friendly techniques and materials and either sell them or rent them out.
* Travel for about 2 years going around the world and actually staying places for longer than 2 weeks.
* Work at a job that I like.
* Buy my parents a house and let them retire.

5 locations I would like to run away to

These change on a daily basis and will never be too specific…

* Arequipa, Peru
* Scandinavia
* Eastern Europe
* Vietnam
* India

5 bad habits I have

* Drinking Coke
* procrastinating
* biting off more than I can chew
* eating too much
* not exercising

5 things I like doing

* Making food and eating it
* Eating food made for me
* travel
* watching movies
* learning

5 things I would never wear

I really don’t know. I’d put on a lot of things if the circumstances were right…

Dirty clothing of another is the only one that comes to mind.

5 TV shows I like

* MacGyver
* The Simpsons
* Beverly Hills 90210
* I was watching Survivor religiously before I stopped cable.
* football

5 biggest joys of the momen

* I’ll be working part-time starting at the end of this month
* SIers are coming back to town
* I’ll have income besides my 8 hours of work
* My walkways look great
* srah

5 favorite toys

* laptop
* knives
* books on tape from the library
* discount cards from certain food retailers
* bike

Monday, August 01, 2005

What I did this weekend...

Originally uploaded by apete.

Originally uploaded by apete.
Tony and I installed a slate walkway to my front door. This has been on my list of to-dos for about 3 years. It is so great to have it done. It took about 4 hours, 5 bags of sand, 7 bags of gravel, and a lot of slate. I think the longest piece was fitting the slate into each other. It was a lot more difficult than it looked.

My Knew Nives

My Knew Nives
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Aha...I ordered these about a month ago and have been looking forward to their arrival ever since. I finally get a cleaver of my own. I have used one in the past couple of houses that I lived in and always wanted one of my own. I love the weight on them. Also there is a 7 in. Santoku knife, a 9 in bread knife, a 5 in serated knife, and a paring knife. All on a new magnetic holder.